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Bootlegger Shoot

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A very talented bunch! So thankful to have been asked to have one of my invitation suites play a glimmering role of this glamorous shoot. This is so beautiful and so me ... anything about the 20s and 30s I find to be just gorgeous!


Overture Bridal Show Recap

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We had an "enchanted" evening with the folks in Madison last night. Thank you so much, Amy Johnson, at

One Fine Day

for inviting us to the show! Please take a glimpse into our event and enjoy! We look forward to working with some of the brides we met and hope to hear from you soon!

Brides, you may notice these handy little "CP Mighty Grips" in your bags, those are from us! We thought it was the perfect gift for you to remember us by as you try to unscrew that stubborn jar as a new bride.

As always, thank you so much to my dear, wonderful, stylin', handsome husband for helping me out so much and for always supporting me in all that I do. I enjoy having you with me and couldn't do it without you!

We were so delighted to be a part of the Enchanted Summer table with Personal Expressions. It was so fun to do the research for Shakespeare's, "A Midsummer's Night Dream" and have a part in the inspiration behind their designs! It was a result of the most gorgeous and complimentary table to add our menus, table number and escort bottles, (filled with nothing else but Rose Water and Orange Blossom Water, of course) to.

The cover was made of nothing else but the oldest writing material in existence today, papyrus. The window was trimmed with silver or gold Dresden, made in Germany, and overlayed with brown wax paper to reveal the inside which opened up from an accordian fold. The backside was duplexed with this beautiful marbled paper to mimic the inside bookcovers they used to use in vintage books, (the same paper you see on the escort cards).

 In all the pieces I used a delicate handspun, silk tissue in the middle.

I couldn't resist to add an invitation book to the table designs ... made of birch, bound together with twine, trimmed with Dresden and using more of that beautiful ribbon, marbled paper and spun tissue.

 I bid thee goodnight ... 

A common question of the evening was, "Where are you located?". I wanted to mention, even though we aren't in the Madison area, we do work easily via email with pdfs or phone, so please don't let that deter you!

The Bridal Show at Overture

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CP+D is blushing. We are so humbled and proud to have been personally invited to be a vendor at "The Bridal Show at Overture" in Madison on October 25. "The Bridal Show is Madison's first and only luxury wedding showcase. All of our vendors are by invitation only (approx. 60-70 vendors) as we want only the best for this event." How amazing that little ole' us will be a part of this sophisticated event!

"The Bridal Show is an exclusive event for the elite clientele and for select wedding professionals who set the standard of excellence in their respective fields" 

Wow ... that is fancy talk ... again, so honored to be a part of this. We'll have a booth and not only that, but we'll be able to showcase our work at one of the four collaborative center tables. I'm told there is about 300+ brides through the door and over 1000+ attendees in total! What a great way to get our name out on the lips of brides and vendors alike! Thank you, Amy Johnson of One Fine Day, for inviting us and for all of your dear, sweet compliments about our work. The feelings are very much likewise.

See you all at the show! Get your tickets here. I just can't wait to see the beauty all around!!


In the meantime ... I best get some recent work photographed to share ... you're gonna love it! It's been so fun! 

Style Me Pretty feature!

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Oh I am thrilled to the hilt to find 


! CP+D is on Style Me Pretty's Little Black Book. Thank you to them and to Sara at 

Golden Chic Events

for using me for all her paper elements and designs. I was honored to be a part of her anniversary day ... Sara is one amazing gal!

Front Room Photography

really did a great job in capturing the beauty of that day!


Paper Heaven

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I am so in love with paper. I love that I get to foil stamp on rich Gmund woodgrain, make a custom folder die, and line it with Japenese Linen. I love that I found a local letter press shopt to have a nice cotton paper to letter pressed for the invitations. I love being able to weave this gorgeous hand-dyed silk ribbon,  through the special folder I designed just so to show off this couple's custom monogram. So fun! I love that I can use this insanely gorgeous pearlescent golden sheer translucent paper to use as a flysheet, just to accent the copper foil and to add a little something special to the suite. I just love it! What I don't love so much is mocking all of it up! Half down, a quarter of the pockets glued, oh crap ... I need more ribbon ... one-third of the letterpress taped onto the linen ... okay, okay, get back to work! 

Indie Wed was a success ...

"Bridal Show", "Harley-Davidson Museum", "Indie Wed", "Milwaukee", Beauty in LoveDeborah Nevsimal1 Comment

and soooo much fun!  It was a first show for me and I am so very thankful to my dearest husband for helping me with so much ... especially being the gentle salesman he is! I couldn't have done it without him ... we indeed make a good team! Thanks to all who stopped in to consider me for their custom stationery. I hope to hear from you. Please email me


if you would like a quote for your event.

Here are a few photos ...

I also designed the "Kissing Booth" sign, menus, name cards and table number in the

Golden Chic


INDIE WED Tomorrow!

Deborah NevsimalComment
Getting ready for the show ... putting the last touches on my booth. Come out and see us at the Harley-Davidson Museum tomorrow at 4-9PM. I will have a special little surprise to give away to all in engaged bliss.

FREE Indie Wed tickets!

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Centennial Press + Design is vendor at Indie Wed at the Harley-Davison Museum in Milwaukee on May 10th. One of the perks of being a vendor is getting free tickets to give away! So I get to choose any sweet soul I'd like to receive them. If you think you are deserving ... and your soul is sweet, please email me and I can hook you up. Of course, it would be great if you were interested in booking me to design your wedding suite too, but not necessary. If you aren't getting married, it will still be a fantastic event full of beauty and creativity. So, email me your name and why you would like to be chosen, in 10 words or less! deb@centennialpress.com

Centennial Press + Design editorial, as published in Veil magazine

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Long ago, Deborah Nevsimal made a promise to herself. She vowed to seek beauty wherever it led her. Today, she lives her life as an extension of that promise, beauty having imbued itself in all facets of her life: faith, marriage, motherhood, friendship, gardening … not least of which is her most recent artistic endeavor, custom wedding stationery.


“Design speaks to everyone,” says Deborah. “But when it involves the most important day in a couple’s life, it doesn’t speak … it sings!”

A former art director for one of Milwaukee’s most acclaimed design agencies, Deborah’s experience spans nearly 18 years in the industry, and her expertise runs deep when it comes to print techniques. With an inclination toward breathtaking, smart design – and an utter love of paper – she won many accolades and awards over the years. Then, in 2008, she took a step back from design to stay home full-time with the infant child she and husband Charles adopted. But her love of design was too powerful and too pronounced to allow her to stay away for very long. She soon found herself teaming up with a local event planner to offer custom wedding stationery as an optional service.

“Creating an invitation suite is a lot like conceptualizing a brand for a business,” says Deborah. “There needs to be a cohesiveness among every element, and it has to leave an enduring impression.” Precisely the qualities she attempts to achieve with each suite she designs.

With a wellspring of passion, Deborah takes special pleasure in exploring details, from the major to the minute. Each client is asked to fill out a questionnaire aimed at helping to get to know the couple she’s working with more intimately, and to ensure the suite she creates for them is a perfect expression of who they are. 


“I especially appreciate working with typography, textures, and embellishments,” she says, “experimenting with paper, understanding how different print techniques respond differently to particular materials, using that knowledge to my advantage and to the advantage of the design. I love figuring out how to make each of these elements work in harmony … to create something beautiful and memorable. That’s what I love most. Creating beauty and leaving it behind.”

Whether creating a custom monogram or scouring the Web for vintage ribbon, indulging in letterpress or printing invitations herself using her 1980s-era Japanese Gocco press, Deborah commits herself to going all out in the name of doing exactly what’s right for each couple. In that same vein, she adapts her style to match the affinities of her clients, allowing for a diversity of motifs ranging from classic to couture. The result is a thoughtful creation characteristic of each couple’s unique personality.

She continues, “It’s such an honor to contribute, in whatever humble way I can, to the most important day in the lives of my clients. To play a role in their marriage, I truly can’t think of anything more fulfilling, or more beautiful, than that.”

Indie Wed!

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I have been accepted to participate in Indie Wed in Milwaukee! I'm so excited, my very first show. If there was any bridal show I would want to be a part of, it would be this one. It isn't the typical bridal show, it is so much more. It focuses on promoting and supporting small, independent (indie) businesses, coupled with an independent spirit. For some that may mean a full-blown unconventional fete while others may simply want to incorporate handmade items from local artisans. Right up my alley! I can't wait to see the creativity there! Please come out to see what's happening in our world, even if you aren't planning a wedding right now! It will be all about beauty, I'm sure of it. The date is May 10th and the Harley-Davidson Museum will be hosting. Woot! I best get a move on that website of mine!!  And, more blog posting! Oh my, what am I going to have featured? and how? I better order my promotional gifts I've always wanted to design too ... the perfect accoutrement a new wife would ever want. Check back soon to find out what I'll be handing out at the Indie Wed event ...

Cork Save-the-Dates

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A peak at another successful Gocco, print job. This couple wanted to have a save-the-date design with a wine tasting vibe. They were really looking for more than just a card. So, without being too clique, we decided to print on cork to give the feel of wine. We had success, they received an original STD wine label design, and I was able to experiment with my Gocco printer again! Someday, I dream of actually having an office to work in ...

Art Deco Suite

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Here is the art deco suite mentioned in my

previous post

. They were printed with a metallic, antique pink ink. The two-sided, response postcard and two-sided, accommodation card were attached to a black cardstock with slotted corners, (like old photographs in a photo book), to make the suite organized. Then the invitation and cardstock were held together with a gorgeous, art deco ribbon I discovered on Etsy. I couldn't have found a more perfect ribbon to bring it all together.

The New Veil Magazine Is Out

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And when I say "new", I mean entirely updated. I worked with Veil as creative director of the magazine for the 2012 Winter issue. It was a great experience to be involved in something so huge. I have worked with redesigning Hog Tales magazine at my former job as art director, but this was a bit more intensive. I wanted to update the whole magazine and bring it up to a more professional quality. Doing this involved updating each of the issue's 192 pages, including rerun pages, with new fonts and colors and possibly doing things only a crazy nut designer would appreciate or notice. Though these are major changes, there are many more updates I would hope to accomplish in the next issue. In the end, all those things, and HOURS, add up to a more polished product. I did have an intern work on a few pages throughout the process which made things a bit easier. In the end, I hope the clients recognize the updates, and the advertisers appreciate advertising with Veil all the more ... it makes all the hours I put into it worth it.
2012 Veil Winter Cover
 (For some reason, my updates were overlooked on the 
actual printed cover, so I'm showing the original here.)
ABOVE: Centennial Press + Design, advertorial (written by Charles Nevsimal)
BELOW: Various sampling of layouts in the new Veil 

Chic Anniversary Invitations Photos

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It has been quite some time since I've updated. But, now that the gorgeous party is over, I really want to share how my friend's invitations turned out. I think these are my favorite designs I have done since starting the invitation business. I really wanted them to be special for her because she's been so good to me and she deserves to have the perfect invitations! Below are a just a few snapshots we took of the invitations, I hope you enjoy. To finish the suite, I also designed and printed the menus, place cards, escort cards, favor tags, and thank you cards.

I am excited to see what the photographer did with them at the party. He was kind enough to shoot some professional photos for my portfolio, to be posted as soon as I get them!

Chic Anniversary Invitations

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I am so excited about the invitations I'm doing for my dear friend and business partner. They are very "chic" vintage and are turning out beautifully! I printed them up on my GOCCO yesterday with gold metallic ink. Stay tuned, I plan on finishing them up and posting the designs shortly!

Also, soon to update the Art Deco/Nouveau invitations. I'm excited about the direction they choose!

A very blessed Memorial Day everyone. Thank you to all our veterans. We also, deeply honor those in the armed forces who have gone before us for our country. May God grant peace to their loved ones.