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The New Veil Magazine Is Out

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And when I say "new", I mean entirely updated. I worked with Veil as creative director of the magazine for the 2012 Winter issue. It was a great experience to be involved in something so huge. I have worked with redesigning Hog Tales magazine at my former job as art director, but this was a bit more intensive. I wanted to update the whole magazine and bring it up to a more professional quality. Doing this involved updating each of the issue's 192 pages, including rerun pages, with new fonts and colors and possibly doing things only a crazy nut designer would appreciate or notice. Though these are major changes, there are many more updates I would hope to accomplish in the next issue. In the end, all those things, and HOURS, add up to a more polished product. I did have an intern work on a few pages throughout the process which made things a bit easier. In the end, I hope the clients recognize the updates, and the advertisers appreciate advertising with Veil all the more ... it makes all the hours I put into it worth it.
2012 Veil Winter Cover
 (For some reason, my updates were overlooked on the 
actual printed cover, so I'm showing the original here.)
ABOVE: Centennial Press + Design, advertorial (written by Charles Nevsimal)
BELOW: Various sampling of layouts in the new Veil