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Paper Heaven

Beauty in ArtDeborah NevsimalComment
I am so in love with paper. I love that I get to foil stamp on rich Gmund woodgrain, make a custom folder die, and line it with Japenese Linen. I love that I found a local letter press shopt to have a nice cotton paper to letter pressed for the invitations. I love being able to weave this gorgeous hand-dyed silk ribbon,  through the special folder I designed just so to show off this couple's custom monogram. So fun! I love that I can use this insanely gorgeous pearlescent golden sheer translucent paper to use as a flysheet, just to accent the copper foil and to add a little something special to the suite. I just love it! What I don't love so much is mocking all of it up! Half down, a quarter of the pockets glued, oh crap ... I need more ribbon ... one-third of the letterpress taped onto the linen ... okay, okay, get back to work!