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Paper Heaven

Beauty in ArtDeborah NevsimalComment
I am so in love with paper. I love that I get to foil stamp on rich Gmund woodgrain, make a custom folder die, and line it with Japenese Linen. I love that I found a local letter press shopt to have a nice cotton paper to letter pressed for the invitations. I love being able to weave this gorgeous hand-dyed silk ribbon,  through the special folder I designed just so to show off this couple's custom monogram. So fun! I love that I can use this insanely gorgeous pearlescent golden sheer translucent paper to use as a flysheet, just to accent the copper foil and to add a little something special to the suite. I just love it! What I don't love so much is mocking all of it up! Half down, a quarter of the pockets glued, oh crap ... I need more ribbon ... one-third of the letterpress taped onto the linen ... okay, okay, get back to work! 

Gorgeous Art Deco Artistry

"George Barbier", "Glady Emma Peto", "Wedding Invitation Design", "art deco", "artists", Beauty in ArtDeborah Nevsimal1 Comment

I am working on designing an art deco style wedding invitation suite for a couple. I am just thrilled to be doing this design ... out of the concepts I presented, they choose the one that includes an art deco style music sheet for the invitation, and a vintage postcard design for the response cards. The art nouveau/deco is my among favorite eras that I just adore. Throughout my research I came across some amazing artists that I thought I'd share ...