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Astrology Themed Wedding Photoshoot

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While making some contacts with familiar event planners from like-minded Style Me Pretty vendors, I came in contact with XOXO event planner, Sonia Hopkins. I was thrilled to receive this email and compliments from such a highly respect planner. 

I wanted to reach out to you after reviewing your website... I fell in love. Great work. Inspiring, fresh, creative, quality, everything I look for in a design company.

I wanted to see if you would be interested in partnering in an inspirational photo shoot we are doing for Flutter Magazine's Spring Astrology Issue. It's their most popular issue and sells out like gang busters!

We are promoting a new venue in Ojai, CA, Casa de Pajaros, a beautiful sprawling estate.

We are working with the following vendors:

Braedon Flynn
Tricia Saroya
Sarah Janks
Pretty Vintage Table
Ojai Vineyards
La Tavola Linen

To name a few. I'm currently looking to add a fresh name to the Santa Barbara/Ojai scene and thought your work was perfect!

Oh I was so so thrilled so much beauty in these vendors I was honored to be included as one of them! I dove into this and really was excited to impress her. Do to only a weekend turnaround time, I had to repurpose some of the design I've used in the past from my "Enchanted Evening" Bridal Show in Madison a couple years back, but it was the only way to get it done in time. I had spent some long hours on it originally and it was never really seen besides at the bridal show, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to get some exposure for something I put so much work into originally. Sonia was looking for an ethereal stationary suite involving different textures (something I absolutely love!), and to feel "organic and natural, but extremely elevated for the sophisticated eye." I thought I can totally do that! That really sorta-kinda somes me up!  I added an astrology twist to my enchanted evening design and changed the wording to included some astrological language like...

"Grant us o sky, clear sight, that thine vision might reachest the stars which belie thy future loves." an original from my dear poet husband.


In the heavens God has pitched a tent for the sun. It is l ike a bridegroom coming out of his chamber ... –  Psalm 19:1-6

So I changed colors to be dusty rose, purple, natural ivory, silver and tans ...  added ethereal embellishments like a light feathery yarn and silver string, then got started on mockups ... 8 each of menus, place cards, seating cards and 4 programs and one invitation with response card. Whew ... I worked my arse off needless to say. I was proud of the results and excited to get them off to Sonia. 

Waiting to see some snapshots of the pieces, I asked to see how it was going and if my art worked out well with all the other elements ... Sadly, I just her back from her and they did not use my pieces. Disheartened and unfortunate ... it turned out the colors were not working out well with the rest of the shoot so the were not able to use them. So, I wanted to show them off here... just a couple quick shots I took before packing them up ...