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Cork Save-the-Dates

"Cork", "GOCCO", "Save-the-Date", "Vintage", "Wedding Invitation Design", "Wine Label", Beauty in LoveDeborah NevsimalComment

A peak at another successful Gocco, print job. This couple wanted to have a save-the-date design with a wine tasting vibe. They were really looking for more than just a card. So, without being too clique, we decided to print on cork to give the feel of wine. We had success, they received an original STD wine label design, and I was able to experiment with my Gocco printer again! Someday, I dream of actually having an office to work in ...

Art Deco Suite

"Accommodation", "Save-the-Date Postcard", "Table Numbers", "Wedding Invitation Design", "art deco", Beauty in LoveDeborah NevsimalComment

Here is the art deco suite mentioned in my

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. They were printed with a metallic, antique pink ink. The two-sided, response postcard and two-sided, accommodation card were attached to a black cardstock with slotted corners, (like old photographs in a photo book), to make the suite organized. Then the invitation and cardstock were held together with a gorgeous, art deco ribbon I discovered on Etsy. I couldn't have found a more perfect ribbon to bring it all together.